That picture pretty much says it all.  Sporting thick-rimmed black glasses and a "Trekkie" tee, I am nerd, and have been all my life.  From a very early age, I showed a great interest in computers and often spent hours as a kid in the 90's browsing an early, text-dominated version of the internet.  And when I wasn't on the computer, I was probably reading through my dad's collection of classic sci-fi and fantasy novels.  I also played soccer, and sang a lot, whenever and wherever.

Somehow, in spite (or because) of all this nerdery, I actually grew into a well-balanced teenager with an increasing interest in the power of computers and digital art, particularly the manipulation of digital photography. Well, this eventually led me to purchase my first dSLR, a Canon Digital Rebel XT, after my Freshman year at Boston College.

My major studies and interest while at BC were in Theatre Arts, but during my Senior year I discovered my real passion lay in photographing people - well, photographing anything, really, but especially people.  I found I could create a compelling story with just one image, just one single moment in time, and that thrilled and excited me.

I wanted more, so a year after graduation I enrolled in the New England School of Photography.  I completed a full year there, nailing down the fundamentals and immersing myself in the digital photographer's life.

For me, my creative life has always been about the art of story-telling, in whatever medium. Now, as a wedding photographer since 2008, and with my wife Andrea's help, I make visual records that, both individually and as a collection, tell the story of one of the most important days in a person's life.  There's no better job in the world.

  • Who is your favorite person in the world?

My wife, Andrea.  Not only does she shoot weddings with me when she can, but her faith, her determination and resilience, and her beauty, both inside and out, inspire me like nothing else ever has.  We are deeply, deeply in love.  It can be a bit embarrassing in public.

  • What else do you like to do?

I love building things.  I'm a fairly decent carpenter, and I love working on updating the house with Andrea.  I also love listening to podcasts - among them, "This Week in Tech" with Leo Laporte (because I love technology), "The Indoor Kids," a video games podcast, and NPR's "Pop Culture Happy Hour" (you can figure that one out).

  • What else about you?

I'm sort of a stickler about correct grammar and spelling.  But we can still be friends if you're not.  My wife isn't.  We have a very small dog, Leeloo, named after a character in one of our favorite movies.  Bonus points if you know the movie (yes, we're keeping score).  I love movies!  I can't believe I haven't said that yet!  Love, love, love them!

  • Personal philosophy?

I believe in being a kid-at-heart.  I laugh at almost everything because I honestly think it's funny, and I like to think my laugh makes other people more inclined to smile.  I take time every day to kiss my beautiful wife and remind myself how lucky I am to have a love like hers.  I enjoy seeing this love in others, too, and that's one reason I have the best job in the world.